That sounds cool. BUT HOW DOES IT WORK?

(Helicarrier Hulk wakes up, no control, attacks everyone. New York Hulk is good guy buddy only hurt bad guy. Wait! OK! Loki was harshing the vibe on the helicarrier. No, wait further, Loki was just as there in New York. In fact, quite close to Mr. Grabby Hulk.)

I am continually drawn to this dumb film by the interaction between Downey and Ruffalo. I am continually put off by this dumb film by how dumb it is.

Wow, look at this! It’s 2014, and people are still saying things like this! Amazing!!! :D Here, let me explain to you why, and how:

First of all, why do people keep forgetting that The Incredible Hulk happened?? In that film it was shown that Bruce can actually control the Hulk when he deliberately hulks out.

Please notice that Bruce hulked out on the helicarrier because something blew up and he was thrown so hard he fell one floor down through the window. It was obvious that Bruce was hurt and in danger.

Hulk exists to protect Bruce, Bruce was in danger, you do the math.

Not to mention that Bruce was understandably angry at Natasha and Fury because he felt like they’d lied to him. (Therefore, causing Hulk to went after Natasha).

Manhattan Hulk showed up because Bruce ‘asked’ him to. Because he fucking did it on purpose. The Hulk is the physical manifestation of Bruce’s emotions — all his anger, frustration, empathy, sadness, disappointment, sympathy, love, hate, everything. That’s why Hulk knew which are the bad ones and which are the good ones, that’s why he saved Tony from falling off the sky, that’s why he listened to Steve’s orders. Hulk isn’t just some mindless beast who has no feelings whatsoever. He recognised and saved Betty in the midst of his rampage in TIH, looked hesitant when he saw the fear in Natasha’s eyes (it was brief but it was there), punched Thor as a payback, etc. Hulk is not that simple.

Bottom line is, that Bruce can control the Hulk to some degree when he has the option or actually gets to choose, and that’s not what happened on the helicarrier.

So, yea, that’s how.

In this post the uneducated are taught that The Hulk isn’t a mindless monster born simply out of rage.

Anybody gonna mention that our lowdown was given to us DIRECTLY FROM MR. BRUCE HIMSELF?!

Took me until that last comment to realize it is actually Mark Ruffalo, the actor who planed Bruce Banner, who left that incredibly informative comment. Much respect, sir!

When mark ruffalo smacks you down, you stay there.

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White folks on tumblr be like, “Please be kind to moths. They are doing their best and deserve respect and kindness. Never step on a flower because they are sensitive and have feelings. Also, why can’t I say the n word?”

you forgot


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Yahoo hires lap-dancers to entertain at its open, inclusive Hack Day event [2009]



Yahoo has apologized for paying lap-dancers (“Hack Girls”) to grind against attendees at its Hack Day Taiwan open event. For the second year running.

Because, you know, it’s the kind of thing that you can just accidentally do, hiring sex workers to come to your everyone’s invited, inclusive Hack Day event. Two years in a row.

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This man fucking gets it.

This is so incredibly important.

Jacque Fresco is an amazing person. He’s pretty much a fucking bas ass. 

Also, it’s worth noting that he’s now 98 years old, and still working towards his project called The Venus Project. You should all look into this guy. He has some ideas and knowledge that will change your entire perspective on life as you know it.

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Some of what I’ve been up to lately….

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#cosplayingwhileblack Gwendolyn and Marko from #Saga #nycc2014

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The most beautiful scene out of the entire series.

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Tor Browser goes 4.0



The 4.0 version of the secure, anonymized, private browser disables SSL3 (in deference to the POODLE attack) and uses new transports that are intended to defeat the Great Firewall of China and other extremely restrictive firewalls.

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People from all over have converged on St. Louis for ‪#‎fergusonoctober‬ after 24 hours many have expressed fatigue…props due to the youth of Ferguson who have been going non-stop for 63 days now. No time to be tired when you’re fighting for your life!!    

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After spending all day in school, our children are forced to begin a second shift, with more academic assignments to be completed at home. This arrangement is rather odd when you stop to think about it, as is the fact that few of us ever do stop to think about it.
Instead of assuming that homework should be a given, or that it allegedly benefits children, I’ve spent the last few years reviewing the available research and talking to parents, teachers and students. My findings can be summarized in seven words: Homework is all pain and no gain.
The pain is obvious to kids but isn’t always taken seriously by adults. Backpacks stuffed with assignments leave students exhausted, frustrated, less interested in intellectual pursuits and lacking time to do things they enjoy. “Most of what homework is doing,” says literacy expert Harvey Daniels, “is driving kids away from learning.”
We parents, meanwhile, turn into nags. After being away from our children all day, the first words out of our mouths, sadly, may be: “So, did you finish your homework?” One mother told me it permanently damaged her relationship with her son because it forced her to be an enforcer rather than a mom.
The surprising news, though, is that there are virtually no pros to balance the cons. Even if you regard grades or test scores as good measures of learning, which I do not, doing homework has no statistical relationship to achievement in elementary school. In high school, some studies do find a correlation between homework and test scores, but it’s usually fairly small. And in any case, it’s far from clear that the former causes the latter. And if you’re wondering, not a single study has ever supported the folk wisdom that homework teaches good work habits or develops positive character traits such as self-discipline, responsibility or independence.

Alfie Kohn, The Case Against Homework (via thislifeunforgiven)

Shit I knew in school but was unable to articulate.

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the really shitty thing about being told that youre smart your whole entire life is that as soon as you dont understand something you just kind of completely shut down and his this big shitty crisis because maybe youre not as smart as youve always been told 

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this is the only Columbus Day post you should reblog

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This about sums it up.

This just goes to show that misogyny is real. So real.

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It doesn’t matter if you want bones or if you even know who this guy is. 

Everyone should reblog this. This was said by a male psychologist on a high rated series. This should have way more notes than it does.

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this will never not be funny

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